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Creature Feature Poetry Keyword Search!

Subject: Language Arts, Science
Grade: 3-5

Brief Description

Students are asked to listen for facts as the teacher-librarian reads four pre-selected poems out loud. Students will create a poster listing at least three keywords about each creature featured in the poetry.


Students will listen for facts provided in the poetry read aloud to the class. Students will be able to identify and write at least three keywords about each animal described in the selected poetry.


poetry, identifying keywords, listening for facts, fact identification

Materials Needed

a poetry book about animals (for example, Beast Feast by Douglas Florian as this book provides many great descriptive examples for this lesson ), plain white paper (8 inches by 11 inches) that has been divided into 4 squares (1 square per poem), pencils for listing keywords, crayons for coloring poster and creating a picture of the beast (optional)

Lesson Plan

  • Ask students to identify the differences between fact and opinion. Put examples of facts and opinions on the white board. (Example: Fact--Cats have whiskers. Opinion--Cats are cuddly.)
  • Ask students to brainstorm ideas for a keyword list by looking at the facts (example: keyword-whiskers). Tell students they are going to listen for and list only keywords (minimum three keywords) for facts that are provided in the poetry you will be reading.
  • Introduce the book you select to the students. Hand out white poster paper and pencils.
  • Read each chosen poem slowly and repeat once, allowing the students time to jot down keywords about each animal.
  • Review the results with the class, having students volunteer some of the keywords obtained from the poetry. If time permits, students may color their animals in each box.


Students are able to successfully identify at least three keywords about each animal. Each student is able to complete a descriptive poster box for each poem read.

Lesson Plan Source

Submitted by: Joanne Hughes, ([email protected]) McVey Elementary School, East Meadow, New York



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