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Treasures of Egypt


Subject: Regions/Cultures, History
Grade: K-2

Brief Description

Students match pictures of Egyptian culture with their descriptions then create Egyptian resource posters.


Students identify words and meanings from the Egyptian culture.


Egyptian treasures

Materials Needed


World map showing the continents, reproducible Egyptian pictures, small pieces of paper explaining Egyptian pictures, pencils, crayons, markers, glue, envelopes, poster board

Lesson Plan

Review the seven continents on a world map. Focus on the continent of Africa, explaining that scientists believe it is the oldest civilization.

  • Discuss the African countries and focus on the country of Egypt. Show students pictures of the Egyptian culture and explain each picture. Display the pictures and explanations in a learning center.
  • Arrange students into pairs and provide each pair with an envelope containing copies of the Egyptian pictures and small pieces of paper explaining each picture. Have each pair work together to match the pictures and explanations and assemble an Egyptian resource poster.


After students have assembled their posters, quiz them on their understanding of the pictures and meanings of the given Egyptian culture.

Lesson Plan Source

Gwyndolyn Lomax ([email protected]) Tyler Elementary School, Hampton, Virginia






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