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L E S S O N     P L A N    


Subject: Special Ed
Grade: K-2 , 3-5

Brief Description

A lesson on the vowel diphthong 'oi.


Students will be able to identify and create visual representations of the 'oi' and 'oy' sounds.


oi, oy, phonics

Materials Needed

Picture representations, such as aluminum foil, boy, oil, Troy.

Lesson Plan

Review the rules of the vowel diphthong 'oi.' Say," Sometimes when two vowels are side by side they work together to make one sound. This is called a vowel diphthong. The vowel diphthong 'oi' can be spelled 'oi' or 'oy.'

  • Display visual representations of words that have the 'oi' sound.
  • Ask, "Can you find someone or something in this room that has the 'oi' sound in its name?"
  • Ask students to create visual representations of additional words with the 'oi' sound.


Assess the number of students who were successful with creating at least 4 different words with the sound 'oi.'

Lesson Plan Source

Bruce Cash ([email protected]), Eastside High School, Gainesville, Florida



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