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Having a Ball with Cinderella


Subject: Language Arts, Literature, Exercise/Movement
Grade: K-2

Brief Description

Students read and discuss at least two versions of the Cinderella story, compare the stories using a Venn diagram, and complete a number of cross-curricular activities related to the story.


Students will develop cognitive, social-emotional, and physical skills as they investigate time and measurement, size and ordering, art, socialization, language arts, family concepts, music and movement.


Cinderella, Venn diagram, music, movement, mathematics, social studies, health and safety, nutrition, arts and crafts, science, language arts

Materials Needed


A computer with Internet access, the Web site Cinderella, additional materials vary according to the particular activity involved

Lesson Plan

The entire unit is available online at Cinderella.


Assessment is usually by observation or interaction with the child during the activity

Lesson Plan Source

The activities are adapted from a variety of sources, which are listed in each individual activity.
Jean Crotchett ([email protected]), Kane and DeKalb Counties, Sycamore, Illinois





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