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Lighting the Perimeter


Subject: Geometry, Measurement
Grade: 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Brief Description

Students will take a photograph of a house, use the photograph to determine the house's perimeter, and determine the number of lights needed to decorate the house.


Students will be able to use scale to find the perimeter of a house.


measurement, scale, geometry, perimeter, photography

Materials Needed


Digital camera, photograph of a house, paper, pencils, ruler

Lesson Plan


  • Take a picture of a house or building.
  • Print and distribute the photograph to each student.
  • Assign a scale, such as 1 cm on the photograph equals 1 foot of the actual house.
  • Have students measure the perimeter of the house in the photograph.
  • Have students use scale to determine the actual perimeter of the house.
  • Have students determine how many feet of Christmas lights are needed to decorate the entire perimeter of the house.


The answers to the project should be appropriate to the scale of the house.

Lesson Plan Source

Lisa Nash, ([email protected]) Hunter Elementary School, Toledo, Ohio





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