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Rope Volleyball


Subject: Team Sports
Grade: K-2, 3-5

Brief Description

Students will use a jump rope as a net and volley a ball or balloon over the net a specified number of times.


Students will work cooperatively and improve their eye-hand coordination as they play a fast-paced game of jump-rope volleyball.


volleyball, teamwork, eye-hand coordination

Materials Needed


one ball, balloon, or beach ball for every six players, 1 jump rope for every six players

Lesson Plan

Arrange students in groups of six. Provide each group with a ball or balloon and a jump rope.

  • In each group, two players hold the rope and two players stand on each side of the rope or 'net.' One player serves the ball and each team tries to volley the ball over the net a set amount of times. All rope holders are part of the team and can move the rope to help the ball travel over it.
  • When the ball falls to the floor, everyone on the team rotates, so the players holding the rope only hold it until the ball drops to the floor.


Teams will be evaluated on their ability to achieve the goals set by the teacher.

Lesson Plan Source

Janelle Schumacher ([email protected]), Centennial Elementary, Fargo, North Dakota





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