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So You Want to Compete in the Olympics?
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A WebQuest for Grades 3-12


The tasks in this Web-based activity address the national standards in Physical Education and Health.


This activity is designed to make students aware of the importance of physical activity and nutrition to maintaining a healthy body, and to provide them with the information that will help them make good lifestyle choices.


  • When forming teams, you might arrange students into teams and allow each team to choose a sport or ask each student to choose a sport and then arrange them into teams based on their choices.
  • Additional roles might be added to teams, depending on the age and ability of your students. For example, a travel agent might research methods of travel to a specific Olympic location and sites to see in the host country. A treasurer might research the cost of Olympic participation. A statistician might determine the odds of winning various medals.
  • You might want to provide students with rubrics to help them determine the specific skills that will be assessed during each phase of this WebQuest. You can find a variety of Assessment Rubrics or you can use an easy template to Create Your Own Rubric.
  • For help in creating PowerPoint presentations, direct students to the following Education World resources: PowerPoint: Creating Classroom Presentations, Creating a Class PowerPoint Presentation, and My First PowerPoint Presentation.
  • Students can prepare an oral report instead of a PowerPoint slide show. They should be encouraged to illustrate the report with posters, photographs, and other visual aids.
  • When all the presentations are completed, encourage each team of students to develop a competition involving the sport they chose. Hold a class field day in which students actually participate in those competitions.

The following links will provide additional information to help you guide and evaluate student work during this WebQuest:

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Article by Linda Starr
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