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So You Want to Compete in the Olympics?
A WebQuest for Grades 3-12



The International Olympic Committee has decided to hold a Junior Olympics during the next Summer Olympic Games. The committee has invited students from around the world to form teams and participate in that event. You and other students in your class hope to try out for the Junior Olympics, but first you have to plan how you will prepare for the competition.


Working in teams, you will choose a sport to compete in, research what you need to do to prepare physically and mentally for the competition, and then create a PowerPoint presentation outlining your preparation plan.

  • Step 1: The team chooses a sport to compete in.
  • Step 2: Each member of the team chooses one of the following roles:
  • Step 3: Each member of the team uses appropriate online resources as well as library resources, if available, to research the information needed to complete his or her assignment. Each researcher should take notes and create a bibliography for his or her research.
  • Step 4: The team works together to decide what information in each category should be included in the PowerPoint presentation.
  • Step 5: Each member of the team creates three to five PowerPoint slides illustrating the information he or she has collected.
  • Step 6: The Team Captain narrates the presentation for the entire class.


Sport Sites

General Olympic Sites

Olympic History Sites

Sports Nutrition Sites

Sports Training Sites

Sportsmanship Sites


Your grade will reflect:
  • the accuracy of your research as demonstrated by your notes. (25 percent)
  • the quality of the activity assigned to your role. (25 percent)
  • the quality of your group's final presentation. (30 percent)
  • your contribution to the group process. (20 percent)


Use the information obtained during your research and other Olympic sites to create a trivia game about the history of the summer Olympics.

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Article by Linda Starr
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