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Across the USA:

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A WebQuest for Grades 4-9



This activity is designed to increase students' knowledge of the history and geography of the United States and to introduce them to important U.S. landmarks, monuments, and other places of historical or geographic interest.



The tasks in this Web-based activity address the national standards in Geography for grades K-12 and in U.S. History for grades 5-12.


  • This WebQuest can be adapted for all grade levels. Younger students might design tours of their own city, state, or region, while older students might plan trips of a particular length or tours that can be accomplished within a specific timeframe.
  • You might want to provide students with rubrics to help them determine the specific skills that will be assessed during each phase of this WebQuest. You can find a variety of Assessment Rubrics and Rubrics for Web Lessons online or you can use an easy template to Create Your Own Rubric.

The following links will provide additional information and activities to help you guide and evaluate student work during this WebQuest:

Click here for the main Tour the USA page.

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