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WebQuest GraphicTitle: Endangered Species WebQuest

Topics: endangered, animals, wildlife, species, habitat, biodiversity

Subject: Language Arts, Science, Social Sciences

Grades: Pre-K-2, 3-5



Overview: Students work in teams of three to investigate animals that are at risk of becoming extinct. Assuming the roles of Zoologist, World Wildlife Representative, and Nature Author/Illustrator, students use information from their research to create a picture book or newspaper for second graders about endangered animals. Teams present their projects to another class.
Members of each team also must develop an activity related to helping endangered animals that they can do with a class of younger students. Students then review all the ideas and select one activity to complete with the younger students.

Notes: The Teacher Tips section indicates that although this WebQuest was developed for fifth and second graders, it can be adapted for students in other grades.

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NOTE: The link to the Kids Page of the World Wildlife Fund is no longer available.


Article by Lois Lewis
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Updated 08/06/2013