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WebQuest GraphicTitle: Are Chickens the Only Ones?

Topics: eggs, chicken, hatch, animals, continent, map

Subject: Language Arts, Social Sciences, Science

Grades: PreK-2


Overview: Students explore information about different animals that lay eggs, and study world maps to find the continents where the animals live. Students use their research to create picture books containing facts about those egg-laying animals. Then, each student shares his or her book with a partner; partners are expected to offer positive comments about one another's books.

Notes:The directions under Hatching indicate that students should begin this project by reading the book Chickens Aren't the Only Ones by Ruth Heller. Click here to learn about this resource. Check your school or local library for this book.

Please note the following changes and suggestions for the animal links noted below.

  • Birds: Penguins. The first "Click here" link has moved. Click here for an archived version of the site. In addition, students can check the site Penguins for more information about those birds.


  • Insects: Butterfly. The first "Click here" link is not longer available. Have students use the resources Butterfly Life Cycle and All About Butterflies to find the information needed to complete this section of the WebQuest.


  • Amphibians: Bullfrogs. The first "Click here" link is no longer available. Have students use an archived version of this resource to find the necessary information. 


  • Fish: Giant Amazon Catfish. The first "Click here" link requires a password authorization to access the site. Have students use an archive version of this resource to retrieve the necessary information.


Article by Lois Lewis
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