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WebQuest GraphicTitle: President WebQuest

Topics: United States presidents, American history

Subject: Social Sciences

Grades: 3-5, 6-8


Overview: Students work in pairs to research information about American presidents. Teams use the information to create baseball-style president cards containing data and pictures of the presidents they have selected. Teams also use their research to develop timelines of significant events in the lives of those presidents. In addition, each group chooses one important event that took place during that president's term. Each student then explains that event from the viewpoint of the president or of a citizen who lived during that president's administration. To enhance their presentations, students dress in costumes or styles depicting the people in their reports.

Notes: On the Process section of the Student Page and the Resources Needed section of the Teacher's Page, the link is no longer available. Have students use one or more of the following suggested resources.

On the Resources Needed section of the Teacher's Page, the link has moved to

The Learners section of the Teacher's Page indicates that, although this WebQuest was developed for fifth graders, it also may be used with younger or older students.

The quest asks students to use TimeLiner software to create their timelines. If you do not have access to this program, use any available timeline software. You can also have students use construction paper, poster board, tag board or other paper materials to create their timelines.


Article by Lois Lewis
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