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WebQuest GraphicTitle: Are You Ready For Some Football?

Topics: football, sports, math, geography

Subject: Math, Social Sciences

Grades: 6-8, 9-12


Overview: Students work in small groups to suggest division realignments for teams in the National Football League (NFL). Each group is assigned a list of teams from the National Football Conference (NFC) or the American Football Conference (AFC). Assuming the roles of Recorder, Calculator and Researcher, groups investigate a variety of factors about the teams in their assigned conferences, such as seating capacities for different stadiums, travel time between team cities, and weather conditions teams face at different times in the football season. Groups record the information on worksheets, use the data to make their decisions about realignments, and then compare their choices to the actual team divisions.

  • The Learners section of the Teacher Page indicates that this WebQuest, which was developed for eighth grade students, can be easily adapted for numerous grade levels.
  • Teachers should refer to the Process section of the Teacher Page to find the link for the actual team alignments and to read suggestions for teaching this activity.
  • All links were active on the posting date for this WebQuest.


Article by Lois Lewis
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