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Tech in the Classroom: LANSchool 7.6

What is it?  LANSchool 7.6 is a classroom and device management software that allows teachers to integrate technology into lessons while eliminating distractions such as instant messaging and CD-ROM access. Its primary use is as a student monitoring tool.

How does it work?  LANSchool 7.6 gives teachers control over the computers in their classroom. They can monitor student activity by viewing real-time thumbnails of students’ screens on their master screen. Educators can share the teacher’s computer screen with students, black out student screens, block applications and more. Teachers can also share student screens with other students, monitor keystrokes and even lock keyboards.

How hard is it to use?  The award-winning software is meant to be user friendly, with an easy-to-navigate control panel that puts access to students’ computers at teachers’ fingertips.

How well does it work?  The tool bar, which controls most functions, is very visual and self-explanatory. In a nutshell, LANSchool gives teachers the tools they need to keep kids on task.

How do I use it in the classroom?  Use it to control what your students are doing in class and ensure that computers are a learning tool – not a distraction.

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Article by Sarah W. Caron, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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