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Tech in the Classroom:

UniFi Wireless Platform

What is itA dedicated WiFi service tailored to specific building and campus requirements, UniFi provides schools with a localized high-speed wireless Internet connection.

How does it work?  The UniFi Controller software enables access points to be automatically discovered, configured and upgraded for fast and easy deployments. The controller can be deployed on-site or in a private or public cloud. A single controller can centrally administer multiple sites, such as school campuses and buildings.

The UniFi Conunifitroller provides sophisticated user management and analytics to help administrators block renegade users, limit bandwidth for non-educational uses, and analyze usage.

The service also offers what it calls “Zero Hand-Off Roaming,” which enables students, faculty, administrators and visitors to seamlessly roam anywhere with their devices across campus.

How hard is it to use? Not hard at all. In fact, everything is set up by experts, leaving faculty and students the sole task of connecting to the network once it’s running.

How well does it work? As advertised. The network is strong, and the administrative tools, which require only a small learning curve, are very intuitive.

How do I use it in the classroom? This product is designed for school-wide implementation and can give schools reliable Internet connections with user management tools they need.


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Article by Jason Cunningham, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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