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Tech in the Classroom: StudySync

What is it? This is a Web-based supplemental curriculum. Aligned to the Common Core and aimed at middle-school and high-school students, StudySync enlists broadcast-quality video, digital media, mobile platforms and social learning to advance reading, writing and critical thinking.

How dSkypeoes it work?  StudySync embraces social learning, mobile technology, digital media, and an extensive library of classic and modern texts, to connect students to the great ideas of mankind while encouraging academic discourse and peer-to-peer collaboration.

How hard is it to use? Flexible and easytonavigate, StudySync places control fully in the hands of the educator, enabling teachers to integrate the product into their current curriculum any way they see fit. Teachers can, for example, customize the experience by using StudySync lessons in sequence as a complete unit or assigning individual components to supplement existing lesson plans; the teacher can track progress and make assessments at any time.

How well does it work? Well enough that it has garnered top honors from EdTech Digest, winning a “Cool Tool” Award as a premier collaboration solution.

How do I use it in the classroom?  Designed specifically for classrooms,StudySync is also intended to be used across disciplines – for language arts as well as science, social studies, history and other subject areas.


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Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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