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Tech in the Classroom:

SparkFun ProtoSnap Minibot

What is it?    The ProtoSnap Minibot offers a low-cost introduction to robotics for middle- and high-school students and educators. The Minibot is an Arduino-compatible platform ideal for experienced Arduino users as well as those just learning to program. And since it's built on the ProtoSnap architecture, once users have exhausted the potential of the kit as-is, they can break it apart and use the components to make other robots.

Mini BotHow does it work? The ProtoSnap Minibot is designed to act as a versatile platform for teaching and learning robotics by providing an Arduino-compatible controller, motor controller board, IR proximity sensors and lots of prototyping space, all on one simple board.

How hard is it to use? This kit comes with everything needed to get a Minibot up and running, including an assembly guide with step-by-step instructions. That said, teachers completely new to this type of technology will want to practice building the kit several times before introducing it in the classroom.

How well does it work? Very well. All the components fit as they should, and when properly assembled, the Minibot rolls around.

How do I use it in the classroom? The SparkFun ProtoSnap Minibot provides a perfect first lesson for any robotics class. The product is a solid addition to STEM-related classes that touch on robotics, engineering or programming.

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