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Tech in the Classroom:


What is it Plotagon lets anyone create an animated movie directly from a written screenplay.

How does it work?  Users write their story and then choose actors, environments and music. The software then automatically produces an animated film. The software can be used to make your own versions of classic stories, or combine them to create entirely new universes. Plotagon offers five big-city characters and six urban environments that let users get started quickly.


Once the environments and characters are selected, users type the action and dialogue. As they type, the can see their words and actions played out in the split-screen viewer. If they see something they don’t like, they can revise the screenplay, and the film automatically revises based on the edits. When done, the final film can be downloaded for future viewing

How hard is it to use? Not very. After making a few pre-writing choices, it is simply a matter of typing the screenplay and watching the product on screen.

How well does it work? Pretty well. To be clear, this isn’t Pixar, but in terms of text-to-speech quality, it’s pretty good. The digital actors emote with facial expressions, and while the dialogue can be robotic, there is inflection and the words are rarely misspoken.

How do I use it in the classroom? Plotagon is a brilliant tool for bringing student writing to life. Student engagement will soar when they are able to see their written products played out on screen.


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Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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