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Tech in the Classroom:

Learning Spot Lessons

What is it?    This is digital lesson plan content that is specifically designed for use with interactive white boards as well as Mac and PC computers.

How does it work?

The lesson plans work with the most popular white board models. Teachers can download the content, either directly to the white board (if it is connected to the Internet) or to a computer that can be hooked to the white board.

learning spotOnce the content is accessible via the white board, the teacher simply leads the class through the lesson.

How hard is it to use? Not very. There is, however, a learning curve with respect to the way the lessons are presented, so it’s best if teachers run through the material a few times before presenting it to students.

Once educators master the particulars of the lessons, getting a lesson up and running takes very little time and doesn’t require any special technical skill.

How well does it work? All of the standards-based lesson plans were developed by teachers. That said, as with any classroom content, it’s only going to be as effective as the teacher presenting it. This is not a “turn it on and forget about it” product.

How do I use it in the classroom? The lessons address a variety of subjects in grades K through 5 (currently only grades K-2 are available). These are meant to be primary rather than supplementary lessons, so if you or your school has an account and a compatible white board, you can begin introducing them immediately.

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Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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