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Tech in the Classroom:


What is it This online tool works with the iPad, letting teachers and students create videos that provide instruction on a given topic.

How does it work?  A recordable interactive whiteboard captures your voice and handwriting to produce video lessons for sharing online. Students can replay your lessons in any Web browser, or from within the free companion app on their iPads.


For those without iPads, the platform allows for video creation using the online whiteboard, which works in any browser that supports flash. Just log into your account on the site and click on the “Create a New Lesson” link to launch the online whiteboard.

How hard is it to use? Not very. The app provides a robust creation and editing interface that is quite intuitive. Likewise, the browser-based interface is relatively simple to use. With no instruction, it should only take a few attempts to have the process down pat.

How well does it work? As advertised. There are a few workarounds to issues such as exporting the lessons to a desktop or storage device, but the bottom line is that when you’re finished, you’ve got a dynamic learning tool created specifically for your lesson.

How do I use it in the classroom? EduCreations is perfect for studying, presenting a lesson, or enabling students to show off their knowledge.


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Tech in the Classroom is a recurring feature that examines widely available technology, software and gadgets and how they might be used in a school setting.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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