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Site Review: The Louvrelouvre museum

Site URL: Louvre.Fr/En

Content:  This is the official site of the most popular museum in the world, the Louvre. Here educators find information about the Louvre’s holdings and upcoming exhibitions. Teachers also can use several areas of the site to plan lessons.

DThe Louvreesign:  This is an art museum site, so one would expect the design to be nothing short of beautiful. Visitors will not be disappointed—everything is glossy, clean and perfectly placed. The site’s designers have succeeded in making users feel like they’re walking through the museum.

Review: In the main navigation bar across the top of the homepage, a link that reads “Learning About Art” leads to the museum’s “A Closer Look” features. This is where teachers will want to go for quality classroom resources.

“A Closer Look” is a series of interactive lessons about a wide range of Louvre items. The lessons examine not only the art depicted, but the medium of each piece, along with how and why it was created, the impact it had on the artist’s career and more. All of the features offer detailed views and animations of the piece in question and go well beyond the “brochure history” of the art and artist.

Bottom Line: History teachers will find many uses for this site, but art teachers will want to come back often. This is an excellent site for taking students beyond typical brush-and-canvas lessons.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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