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 Site Review: Teach Away


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Content: Teach Away is an international teacher recruitment organization that gives educators access to a wide variety of teaching jobs, educational administration jobs, and international teaching programs within public and private schools overseas. Teach Away’s extensive teach abroad programs include teaching jobs with Ministries of Education, private international schools, colleges, universities and private ESL schools..

teach awayDesign: The site is nothing if not gorgeous. Giant, screen-wide images of exotic locations make it feel more like a site for a posh travel agency than a teacher recruitment firm.

Once they get past the sweeping vistas and dramatic cityscapes, users find a nuts-and-bolts site that functions very well. It only takes a few clicks from the homepage before visitors find a list of available jobs that is filterable by several categories.

Review: Teach Away sets itself apart from other sites that provide international teaching listings by offering more useful content. It’s one thing to access several openings in Europe with links to applications, but Teach Away takes it to the next level by offering advice on obtaining visas and providing information on various countries’ educational systems.

The site is also unique in that a toll-free phone number is located at the top of every page. This enables educators interested in teaching abroad to get live assistance from Teach Away.

Bottom Line:  Teachers who are seriously considering taking their talents abroad should make Teach Away one of their first stops.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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