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Site Review: Tag Galaxy

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Content: A beautifully rendered tool for finding connections to just about anything, Tag Galaxy helps users discover links among multiple topics and concepts.

Design: This site is gorgeous. The blackness of space, offset by the brightness of the digital planets, makes for a stunning scene. The planets float and rotate fluidly around the center keyword “sun.” The entire design is elegant and engaging.

EduTubeReview:Tag Galaxy provides teachers with a singular tool that serves two distinct purposes. First, the site shows how concepts that appear unrelated are actually connected. Typing in the random word “book” reveals links to the related words “Reading,” “Woman” and “Art.” Those links appear in the form of planets orbiting the original word.

While “Reading” is certainly related to “Book,” “Woman” and “Art” are not as obvious. Clicking “Art” generates associated keywords such as “Illustration” and “Design.” These words aren’t as strongly related to the original word “Book,” but users can see that they are only one degree removed.

The second purpose of Tag Galaxy is research. Students working on papers or reports can instantly find materials related to their topic. The site’s leveled structure makes delving into a subject both fun and enlightening.

Bottom Line:  Tag Galaxy impresses with stunning visuals and the ability to discover seemingly infinite content from a single word.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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