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 Site Review: SuperWhy


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Content:  This is the online home of the popular PBS Kids show, where users can find the latest information on the Super Why television series, while accessing Super Why activities, reading resources, events and more.

SuperWhyDesign:  Like all the other Web sites associated with PBS Kids shows, the Super Why teachers’ site is serious enough for adults, but lighthearted enough to capture the fun of a children’s program. The site follows the PBS Kids template, with the main navigation to the left and the primary content area front-and-center.

All of the classroom materials are easy to retrieve and located no more than two clicks away from the homepage.

Review:  PBS Kids has a reputation for providing entertaining programming with quality academic value, and Super Why is no exception. The show’s Web site for teachers houses a ton of high-quality lesson plans and classroom activities.

The lesson plans extend the curriculum from specific episodes of Super Why and outline activities and projects to strengthen reading fundamentals using materials many teachers already have in the classroom. These lessons help students practice letter identification and the alphabet, rhyming with common word families, letter sounds and spelling, vocabulary and reading comprehension.

The classroom activities allow students to build key reading skills in a fun way. They can play with the alphabet, rhyme with common word families, spell, write and read just like the Super Readers.

Bottom Line:  A show kids love, coupled with a sizeable archive of lessons and activities, make the Super Why teachers’ site worth visiting regularly.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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