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Site Review: Sumdog

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Content:  Sumdog provides free educational games that motivate students to practice math and reading, while providing educators with control over what their students learn.

Design:  Too often, Web-based games look and work like they were developed in 1992. Thankfully, Sumdog uses a more cutting-edge approach. Fluid animations and tight controls offer an in-game experience similar to that of a high-end mobile app.

SumdogReview:  Sumdog is a boon to teachers seeking games that focus on math and reading. Students often start by participating in the contest-centric games, competing against other students of similar ability around the world. But the more they play, the more the games change to meet their learning needs. If kids provide correct answers very quickly, Sumdog automatically begins to present more difficult questions while limiting the allotted time for answers. In addition, a student who incorrectly answers questions on a given topic receives more of those types of questions in ensuing rounds.

While the free version of the site is certainly worth visiting, Sumdog offers a paid version that ups the ante for teachers. In addition to the library of games, the paid version gives educators tools such as the live tracker, which shows student progress, and the curriculum guide, which delivers detailed individual reports.

Bottom Line:  Whether you’re using the free or paid version, Sumdog is a brilliant way to get students motivated and excited about math and reading.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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