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 Site Review: StudyBlue


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Content: StudyBlue touts itself as empowering “a generation of ambitious digital natives who expect and deserve high-quality digital study tools.”

study blueDesign: On this incredibly sleek site, users get the impression that there was a significant investment in its design. StudyBlue goes the minimalist route, including only links and images that provide the biggest bang for the buck. The result is an uncluttered site with easy navigation.

Review: StudyBlue is 100% free to use, but unlike other free online tools, the digital flashcards provided here look and work like those for which others happily pay.

Through the site, teachers can make flashcards which students use to study both online and on-the-go, via Apple and Android apps. Students can quiz themselves and track their mastery of key concepts. StudyBlue is secure and requires no extra work on the part of a school’s IT department.

The site is ready to use immediately after logging on, meaning teachers don’t have to suffer through a complicated registration process, or wait for dozens of confirmation emails before they can begin creating flashcards. StudyBlue claims that it takes
roughly four minutes to integrate into your curriculum.

Bottom Line: Educators seeking a free online source for great flashcards, quiz creation and student performance tracking should create a StudyBlue account.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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