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 Site Review: Stixy


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Content: Stixy allows users to collaborate, create, organize and share content on Stixyboards, which are a flexible, Web-based bulletin boards.

stixyDesign: While the user tools and interface are reasonably clean and fluid, the rest of the site’s design leaves a little to be desired. The imagery is flat, the text is grating and the whole site feels cluttered. Numerous content boxes overlap each other as they compete for real estate.

The resulting bulletin boards are very nice, but the rest of the site could use a solid makeover.

Review: With Stixy, customization is key. Users can design an unlimited number of digital bulletin boards, all for free.

The site uses a number of quality tech features to simplify creation and maintenance of the bulletin boards. Files are uploaded through a simple upload wizard. Once they’re on the site, it’s merely a question of dragging and dropping photos, notes, images, documents, or to-do lists into place.

The site can help students create and share projects and organize information in a way that makes sense to them. Kids can use the community aspect of the public bulletin board to inform others of classroom activities or to show off recent achievements. Stixy essentially replaces the “terrestrial” classroom bulletin board with a digital one that can reach far more people.

With these minimalistic tools, users need not mess around with themes and sidebars. All users get is the content, the way they want to present it.

Bottom Line: Equally handy for classroom instruction and disseminating information, Stixy is worth a try.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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