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Site Review: The Sports Network 2

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Content: The Sports Network 2 (TSN-2) gives students practice in Common Core Standards for Reading Informational Text and provides an 8th-grade assessment for those standards. The resource is now available for classroom use, free of charge.

Design:  The site operates in a Flash-type viewer featuring several controls that change as the player’s location changes. The site’s look is reminiscent of The Sims, which makes it appealing to the middle-school and early high-school crowd.

TSN2Review:  TSN-2 puts users in the role of a reporter at an ESPN-esque sports network. Students enter an interactive environment that they must navigate. During the course of their interactions with various network staff, they are assigned jobs such as interviewing local sports figures. Students complete tasks leading up to their network duties, and these tasks align with many of the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts. For example, before interviewing a local sports figure, students must select appropriate interview questions from a given set. They then must organize the questions into various topic queues.

As kids complete each level, teachers may print out a detailed report card for each student. The report card shows questions answered and identifies the correct and incorrect replies. This provides a record of the specific standards with which a particular student may need help.

Bottom Line:  TSN-2 does a wonderful job of blending hands-on tech use and Common Core-specific content to create a solid online learning experience.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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