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Site Review: Spanish Playground

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Content:  Here’s a simple site with simple, yet valuable, resources designed to help younger children learn Spanish as a second language.

Design:  The site is set up as a simple blog, which is great for browsing, but not ideal when users are looking for a specific piece of content. Finding something can take quite a while, and older posts are particularly tricky to locate. The site’s look—a plain gray background with stark white ads and images—is also a bit disappointing.

spanish playgroundReview: Despite some design shortcomings, Spanish Playground provides a wealth of material to help younger learners master the Spanish language. Resources here include printables, games, quizzes and activities. Everything is geared toward early elementary students, so words are simple, and visual stimulation is plentiful.

The games area is of particular interest—here, students use Spanish words as they play. The enjoyment associated with game-playing can certainly enhance learning. Likewise, the songs area is a tremendous resource. When children sing, they can more easily produce correct, natural Spanish. In offering songs, Spanish Playground considers grammar, vocabulary and level of fun. For this reason, the site offers many songs with actions that reinforce meaning.

Bottom Line:  Looking to support early elementary students’ first foray into Spanish? Spanish Playground is a great place to start.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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