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 Site Review: ShowMe


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Content:  With the ShowMe app, educators can use the iPad as an interactive whiteboard and record voice-over lessons. If desired, these can then be shared with the public. The best of the lessons are available online on the Web site. The short lessons (many are under five minutes) support the flipped classroom model. Students can watch them at their leisure, opening up more class time for interaction and one-on-one support.

Design:  The ShowMe Web site revolves around the instructional videos, so the design is sparse, clean and simple to navigate. It takes seconds to start exploring available videos, and students can navigate to specific subjects using a sidebar.

ShowMeReview: As a Web site, ShowMe provides something useful for educators and their students: a method of viewing lessons or learning more from pretty much anywhere.

Because of the audio/whiteboard combination, the videos are easy to follow, and ShowMe offers many lessons on a variety of subjects.

Bottom Line:  Even if you aren’t using a flipped classroom model, your students can access ShowMe to learn more about subjects or brush up on challenging topics. This site is a great way to extend learning.

Article by Sarah W. Caron, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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