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 Site Review: Discovery - Shark Week


Site URL: DSC/

Content: This is home to the cable network’s annual Shark Week—a celebration of the sea’s most proficient eating machine.

Shark WeekDesign: Discovery sites are known for having incredibly gorgeous sites, and SharkWeek is no exception. Visitors feel as though they’re right there, in the cages with the ferocious predators swimming around them. Everything is black and intense, which makes the content jump off the screen.

The site also features easy-to-use tools for browsing and viewing content, which is plentiful here.

Review: While teachers may not want to use these materials in early elementary classes, everything here has tremendous academic value, along with the “wow” factor of seeing sharks in action. An HD slow-motion video of a Great White attacking its prey will rope students in, as will hearing scientists talk about this animal’s important place in the ecosystem.

Aside from the thrilling video content, SharkWeek offers a wealth of written and printable material. Students will find links to news feeds, shark facts and information on efforts to save endangered species.

Bottom Line:  While not for the faint of heart, SharkWeek packs an unforgettable visual and academic punch.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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