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Site Review: Shakespeare Online

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Content:  Since 1999, Shakespeare Online has provided free, original and accurate information on Shakespeare for students, teachers and Shakespeare enthusiasts.

Design:  Shakespeare Online’s incredible resources come wrapped in an unattractive package—the site is just not very nice to look at. The homepage features abundant blue and black text over a harsh white background. A few thumbnail-sized images of the Bard are scattered throughout, but there is a decided lack of imagery or visual depth.

shakespear onlineA small navigation bar resides in the upper left-hand corner of the screen, and although all the links work, they direct the user to more stark pages.

Review: What Shakespeare Online lacks in design, it more than makes up for with content. Anyone interested in the man or his work will find a trove of excellent resources here. Everything from analysis and histories to sources and biographies is expertly written.

The homepage is of particular note, due to secondary features like Bard Bites and Word of the Week. Here, users get fun, informative tidbits about Shakespeare and his work. Also impressive is the quiz section where students can test their knowledge of Shakespeare. After each correct answer, quiz-takers can access a link to further analysis of the scene in question.

Bottom Line:  This site is a must-see for anyone teaching or studying Shakespeare.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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