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Site Review: SciJinks

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Content: SciJinks offers students age-appropriate information on the subjects of weather, the seasons and earth’s place in the Solar System. Teachers will find videos, and printables such as posters and bookmarks.

Design: Despite their subject matter, NASA sites have a tendency to look a bit bland. SciJinks is better than most, but not quite great aesthetically. The links are all easy to find and work well, and the pages are not cluttered or confused.

 SciJinksReview: Aimed squarely at the late-elementary and early middle-school crowd, SciJinks is a brilliant resource for supplementing a variety of science lessons. While the site has a strong focus on weather-related topics, it is in no way a simple weather site. Features examine phenomena such as ocean tides, the changing seasons, and the relationship among clouds, water and ice.

The download area has a nice sampling of resources, including a step-by-step for building your own weather satellite. In the media area, students can access a library of NASA-produced videos. Coming from the world’s preeminent space agency, these videos are sure to impress young minds.

Bottom Line: For those tough-to-engage 4th- through 6th-graders, SciJinks is a great science-class resource.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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