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 Site Review: Science BobOscars


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Content:  "Science Bob" Pflugfelder presents this science Web site for young enthusiasts. The site contains instructions for a variety of related topics such as science fair projects, experiments and answers to reader-submitted questions. The site also offers videos by Science Bob and a section called “Research Help” that includes links to sites providing a more in-depth looks at science subjects.

Science BobDesign: It’s very easy to navigate this kid-friendly Web site. Science Bob has an apropos black background and science-lab feel. The simple left sidebar contains text links to all areas of the site. Each page has an eye-appealing design that tells visitors what they can find there and makes them want to keep digging through the content. The video wall is nicely laid out, showing thumbnails of each video.

Review: There is much to like about the Science Bob Web site. For starters, it’s not a “do-my-work-for-me” Web site. Though it provides many great ideas for science fair projects, it doesn’t go so far that it gives students an easy way out. Moreover, the site’s experiments and research help are perfect for piquing the interest of young science fans.

Bottom Line:  Science Bob is a great Web site for parents and kids to look at together, and the kid-safe science videos offer interesting edu-tainment for classroom use.


Article by Sarah W. Caron, Education World Social Media Editor
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