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Site Review: Remember the Milk

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Content:  This site offers teachers a way to create to-do lists and manage day-to-day tasks.

Design:  The site’s founders say that Google was a big inspiration for Remember the Milk, and that influence is easy to see in the design. While certainly not a knock-off, Remember the Milk does have a Google feel—lots of white, peppered with small dashes of color.

In terms of navigation and functionality, the site works as advertised. Links and tools are all smooth and intuitive, making it a breeze for even novices to use.

remember the milkReview:  This site takes away all of the clutter that typically comes with running a classroom. Educators who find themselves writing to-do lists on sticky notes or the backs of their hands will appreciate Remember the Milk’s ability to save tasks in a format that is easily digestible and more importantly, shareable.

The interface makes managing tasks easy. Users can set due dates easily with “next Friday” or “in two weeks.” List lovers can create as many lists as they need. Lists are not the only way in which tasks can be organized, however. Teachers who are fans of tagging can use the “task cloud” to easily view what they have to do. They also can store notes along with those tasks.

The brilliant thing about Remember the Milk is that it is completely accessible in a number of ways. Reminder methods let users receive notices of upcoming tasks via email, SMS and instant messenger. Additionally, to-do lists and tasks can be shared with others who use the site.

Bottom Line:  For teachers who fight a never-ending battle with clutter and calendars, or for those just seeking a cool organizational tool, Remember the Milk is worth visiting.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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