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Site Review: Quiz Factor

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Content: Here’s a quiz site that’s equal parts knowledge competition and game show.

Design: The site is certainly pleasing to the eye—ample images and slick graphics pop off the screen. The fun quizzes make users feel like they’re playing a party game, and Quiz Factor’s “good time” vibe distracts (in a good way) from the fact that it’s testing players’ knowledge.

quizFactorReview: Quizzes assess users’ grasp of specialist subjects. The more correct answers one achieves in the shortest time, the higher his or her position on the leaderboard. But Quiz Factor is more than just quizzes. As users play, they earn points, accolades and prize-drawing entries while challenging other players for the best scores and leaderboard positions.

Players earn a grade, determined by the number of points they collect. As they move through the grades, more special features get revealed. Everyone starts as a newbie and can rise through the grades to become a Mega Mind, a Grand Master or even an All-Time Superstar.

Educators should be aware that Quiz Factor was not created with K-12 education in mind. While this is, first and foremost, a game site, the quizzes it employs can certainly be used in the classroom under the right circumstances.

Bottom Line: As a reward or a fun break, Quiz Factor can be useful in the classroom.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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