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Site Review: Pottermore

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Content:  Pottermore is a unique online experience from J.K. Rowling, built around the Harry Potter book series.

Design:  Given the source material, one would expect a gorgeous site that offers dynamic and rich imagery, coupled with more than a few surprises. Users will not be disappointed. Taking its cues from the book and film series, Pottermore succeeds in creating a vibrant online universe that is equal parts reading experience and interactive community.

Review:  Pottermore is a place to explore the magical world of Harry Potter and discover exclusive new content from author J.K. Rowling. The site uses the Potter stories as the backdrop for an interactive experience that places visitors into the narrative as characters. As they navigate through the stoPottermoreries, users encounter challenges and puzzles and are rewarded with never-before-released Potter tidbits.

In addition to its literary and interactive content, Pottermore features an online shop where teachers may purchase Harry Potter digital audio books and, for the first time, Harry Potter eBooks.

Another major feature is “Pottermore Insider,” a blog that keeps users abreast of the site’s ever-evolving interactive components.

Bottom Line:  The Pottermore site is a tremendous resource for engaging kids in the classic literary series and getting them excited about reading.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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