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 Site Review: Politico 2012 Live



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Content:  The Politico 2012 Live site is dedicated to news and updates about Election 2012. It includes articles, primary and caucus trackers, candidate schedules and more. There are also polls and candidate trackers so that readers can dig deeper into who’s running and what’s happening with the election.

politicoDesign:  The design of this site is clean, fresh and modern. It’s appropriately done in patriotic red, white and blue colors. Politico 2012 Live is easy to use with clear navigation bars, photo links and more. It’s eye-catching without being overwhelming, which highlights content instead of design (as a good Web site should).

Review: The site has so much to offer to teachers and students. Filled with interesting, engaging and graphically dynamic content, students can not only follow the candidates but also the election as a whole. It offers a fantastic deeper look into the election, its candidates and issues.

Bottom Line:  With the 2012 election season heating up, educators are looking for reliable Web sites to help students read about what’s happening in politics so that they can discuss and improve their understanding of the political process. Politico 2012 Live offers the perfect mix of clean design, good content and useful tools.


Article by Sarah W. Caron, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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