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 Site Review: Penzu


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Content:  Penzu is an online journaling site. The site includes tools such as email reminders to write, the ability to send tweets about your journal entries and a variety of style customizations (such as font).  Penzu promises a free service with simple sign-up.

PenzuDesign:  This is a no-frills journaling site with some cool design options. For instance, when you journal in Penzu, it looks like you are typing on a sheet of paper. Users choose the font (there are a number available with the base registration and more if you pay to join Penzu Pro). Journals appear as grainy leather-bound books – also very cool.

Review:  It takes mere seconds to sign up for Penzu and start journaling. The entries can be made private (password protected) or shared. And users can choose to either type in their selected font or pull down a formatting toolbar that lets them add a few extras such as bold and italics. They also can insert pictures into the text. All of the tools are very easy to use and locate.

Bottom Line:  Penzu is the modern answer to class journals, giving students a simple method of recording their thoughts without the hassle of carrying around a paper version. The fact that users can mark certain entries as private (like an updated version of folding paper over an entry) increases the appeal. This would be a great cost-free solution for English and Language Arts teachers who want to encourage student writing in an easy and technologically advanced way.


Article by Sarah W. Caron, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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