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 Site Review: PBS Liberty


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Content:  This is the home for PBS’ educational series “Liberty,” which chronicles the events of the American Revolution.

PBS LibertyDesign:  As is true of most PBS sites, the Liberty site features a very nice design. Ample historical imagery supplements the information. Users will observe a high level of care taken with everything from primary fonts to background color schemes, which reflect the 18th-century time period.

Review: This site is more than just a recap of an educational television series. PBS Liberty serves as a catchall for nearly everything associated with the American Revolution. Each of the main characters in the series gets his/her own biographical page on the site. These biographies detail the person’s role in the conflict as well as the circumstances that led to that involvement. As a bonus, several of the characters’ pages contain video clips from the series.
In addition to the series-centric materials, PBS provides expert commentary on the war. In this area of the site, scholars discuss the events and how they influenced the eventual outcome. A trivia game lets students play individually or as a class to test their knowledge of the material.

Bottom Line:  PBS does a wonderful job of presenting the American Revolution for students who are too old for the glossed-over version, yet too young for more hard-hitting documentaries.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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