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Site Review: Parenting Science

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Content: Written and maintained since 2006 by biological anthropologist Gwen Dewar, Parenting Science offers scientific information and resources that address everything from child development to parenting techniques.

Design:  While its design might look dated, Parenting Science’s pages contain loads of relevant information emphasizing children’s cognitive, physical and emotional development as well as proper nutrition, sleep and education. All of the site’s content can be accessed from a lefthand sidebar menu arranged by topic—for example, “Crying” and “Breastfeeding” are subtopics under the Babies category.    parentin science

Review:  By placing useful information in anthropological, psychological and biological context and including abundant hyperlinks to reputable citations, Dewar offers a fantastic aid to parents and educators. The content applies to science, health, social studies and other academic subjects and can be used by teachers at many grade levels.

Dewar’s in-depth and objective analysis doesn’t cover every aspect of child development, but Parenting Science uses a well-balanced and fair perspective while taking ownership of the many issues it does tackle.

Bottom Line:  From critical thinking to preschool math lessons, Parenting Science offers comprehensive resources from a gifted scientific writer.


Article by Jason Cunningham, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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