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Site Review: Natural Resources Defense Council

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Content:  By calling on students to shrink their schools’ carbon footprints, the Natural Resources Defense Council’s “Green Squad” teaches about environmental and health issues.

Design: The site is small but constructed in a linear fashion. Given the Green Squad’s objective, which is facilitating a student-led project, this linear format is extremely advantageous. Various links and printables appear throughout the site’s pages, and they all work as expected.

One small aesthetic distraction is a strange justification that pushes all of the content into the upper left-hand area of the screen, leaving a large amount of white space elsewhere.

nrdcReview:  While other environmental sites offer little in the way of action items, the Green Squad provides students with a clear mission and the tools to accomplish it. Students can earn points for achieving various milestones and actually produce a comprehensive plan for reducing their school’s environmental impact.

The site’s activities call on educators to assist, as investigating students will need permission to address some areas of the school. In addition, some projects incorporate a teamwork element by requiring the help of at least one partner.

Bottom Line:  A Green Squad project is the perfect way to celebrate spring, observe Earth Day and “go green.”


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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