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Site Review: Next Generation Science Standards

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Content:  This is the go-to site offering everything educators need to know about the Next Generation Science Standards.

Design:  The site is surprisingly easy to navigate, despite there being a ton of content to cover. The primary navigation across the top of each page offers concise dropdowns, which make finding the right information simple. Given the wealth of written information here, the site’s light beige background is easy on the eyes.

NGSSReview:  With content covering everything from the standards’ development through their release, educators on both sides of the standards debate will find answers to their questions. The comprehensive site also offers information in a variety of formats; slideshows and videos complement the abundance of text.

Bottom Line: Interested in the evolution of science standards, or teach in a state that is considering adopting them? If so, this should be the first stop in your search for information.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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