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 Site Review: Science News for Kids


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Content:  Science News for Kids is a frequently updated news site featuring science-related topics including food, nutrition, the body, health and our ancestors. The articles are accompanied by large, clear photographs and vocabulary words. Some also include activities such as word searches.

DesignThis site has a bold, streamlined design, eye-catching photos and an easy-to-read sans serif font—resulting in a sophisticated look and feel. A magazine-style layout and top navigation bar make it easy to navigate.

News for kidsReview: Science News for Kids has a lot to offer as an effective news site designed for younger readers. The content is interesting and engaging for visitors of any age. But it also supports younger users—without pandering to them—by including vocabulary words and definitions.

Bottom Line:  This is a great Web site that educators can use to supplement science or current-events lessons. And its sophisticated feel will resonate with tweens and teens who want to feel a little more grown-up.


Article by Sarah W. Caron, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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