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 Site Review: The Nerdy Teacher


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Content: This is the professional blog of self-described “nerdy teacher” Nicholas Provenzano. He is an English teacher and technology curriculum specialist for Grosse Pointe Public Schools in Grosse Pointe, MI.

Nerdy TeacherDesign: This is a Blogger site, so users will likely be familiar with the format. It’s a standard vertical blog with archival links on the right side of the screen. Like most Blogger sites, TheNerdyTeacher isn’t about style; rather, the focus is on the substance.

Review: Unlike many Blogger sites, TheNerdyTeacher is multifaceted. Visitors will find interesting ideas for classroom activities and thoughtful examinations of current teaching techniques, as well as a healthy dose of technology advice. All of this makes TheNerdyTeacher anything but the niche site its name suggests.

That’s not to say there’s a lack of nerd culture here. On the contrary—visitors will encounter such nerdy posts as “What can education learn from DC Comics?” and the decidedly nerdy writing-prompt idea “What part of school would I like to hack?” The site is peppered with similar posts that, while they may not be your cup of tea, can easily be adapted to the non-nerd set.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a site that offers great ideas and interesting professional development tidbits served up with a dash of nerd culture, TheNerdyTeacher is for you.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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