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 Site Review: NBA Hoop Troop


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Content: The NBA’s dedicated site for kids features games, videos and stories that are both educational and enjoyable.

NBA Hoop TroopDesign: The design is light and fun. A basketball theme is ever-present, but one would expect that from the NBA. A primary scroller cycles through the promoted content, while a main navigation bar across the top of the page directs users to various areas.

A unique feature allows students to choose the overall look of the site based on their favorite NBA team. For example, if a student selects the New York Knicks, the site’s skin and backgrounds are changed to reflect a blue-and-orange motif.

Review: This site is all about increasing kids’ familiarity with the NBA brand. That said, video series such as the Workout Kid promote a healthy lifestyle and the benefits of exercise and eating right. Other games encourage basic math skills by having students calculate scores using both regular two-point shots and the more difficult three-point basket.

Because the primary goal of the site is brand awareness rather than education, this isn’t something you’ll want to expose students to on a regular basis. Hoop Troop can, however, provide a fun reward or incentive.

Bottom Line:  This site isn’t for everyday use, but it does have enough educational value to be useful as a time-filler or fun-day exercise.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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