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Site Review: (Royal) National Maritime Museum

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Content:  This is the home of England’s National Maritime Museum, which chronicles one of the most extensive naval histories in the world.

Design: As one of the more popular museums in the UK, it’s no surprise that the National Maritime Museum boasts a first-rate Web site. The look of the site is dynamic, combining images of ancient artifacts with cutting-edge site design. The result is an engaging online experience that is easy to navigate.

NMTReview:  Touching on over 500 years of activity at sea, the National Maritime Museum is bursting with history. While there is a considerable amount of space dedicated to attracting visitors to the brick-and-mortar museum, educators will also find a wealth of classroom-worthy content. The site changes periodically to coincide with current exhibitions, but those changes always come with fresh educational content. Whether you’re curious about the real history of pirating, or are studying the Battle of Trafalgar, this site has got you covered.

In addition to the exhibition-related content, the National Maritime Museum offers class project kits and various maritime-themed lesson plans via the site. Lessons vary from historical looks at The East India Trading Company to classroom resources centered on music and dance.

Bottom Line:  Looking to put a little maritime spin on your next lesson? Stop at the National Maritime Museum site first.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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