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Site Review: National Geographic Space

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Content: Visitors will find National Geographic’s coverage of everything related to the cosmos.

Design: In line with the rest of the National Geographic family of sites, Space uses a clean layout. Links are easy to follow, and users will encounter many awesome images of celestial bodies.

EduTubeReview: National Geographic has built a reputation for quality coverage of the natural sciences, and its treatment of space is nothing short of outstanding. No aspect of the universe is ignored—the site touches on deep-space findings, cosmic influences on Earth, and aviation advancements that allow us to further explore space.

The articles are expertly written, as one would expect from National Geographic. The content explains complex ideas in a way that both teachers and students can comprehend.

There isn’t a ton of content here beyond what is promoted on the homepage. New content appears on a regular basis, but one is left wanting more of a good thing.

Bottom Line: There may not be a ton here, but the available materials will knock your socks off.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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