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Site Review: NASA DIY Podcast

Site URL:…DIY.html

Content:  For educators looking to integrate technology into their curriculum, DIY Podcast can help. The tutorial demonstrates how students can create podcasts using NASA’s free resources.

Design: This is an area where NASA tends to fall short. Many of the agency’s Web sites appear dated thanks to a starry, black background and unimaginative use of images. While not much to look at, the site does work well, and it delivers content in an efficient manner.

Review:  NASA’s Do-It-Yourself Podcast Web site offers free public-domain resources to help teachers and their students build their own podcasts.

Building podcasts is an activity supported by national education standards in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics—or STEM—disciplines. The process also supports different learning styles. Auditory and visual learners can listen to and watch their podcasts to review the content and learn even more. Kinesthetic learners can perform demonstrations to add to the video. Because they are in the starring roles, students will undoubtedly want to watch/listen to their podcasts over and over. This repetition reinforces the content.

NASA offers six video tutorials to show educators and students how easy it is to make podcasts. In just minutes, the DIY site can show you how to create audio and video podcast files with the free video clips, audio tracks and images it offers. The six-video series covers:

  • What Is a Podcast?
  • DIY Podcast Tour
  • Viewing and Downloading Video Clips
  • Listening to and Downloading Audio Clips
  • Building an Audio Podcast
  • Building a Video Podcast

Bottom Line:  It may not be pretty, but the content from NASA is second-to-none.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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