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 Site Review: Mentor Mob Oscars


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Content: MentorMob allows users to collect, collate and share information on specific subjects. These collections of information—or playlists, as the site refers to them—can be accessed by anyone wanting to learn more about the subject matter.

Design: Simple and intuitive best describe this site. All of the layouts, from the homepage to the playlist generator to the playlist viewer, are logical and easy to follow. Links appear where you’d expect thementormobm, and everything falls into place. There are no clumsily laid-out ads or content blocks to distract from the content users want.

Review: The idea behind MentorMob is a good one, and the execution is great. Browsing the playlists is easy because the categories are logical and actually pertain to the content they contain.

Viewing a playlist is equally simple, with a clear step-by-step located in the upper left and side of the page. Users just click the step they’d like to view, and it instantly appears in the viewer to the right. The whole process is fluid and really simple to use.

Creating a playlist requires a little more practice, but is not overly complicated. Users will want to prepare by gathering information and planning the order in which they’d like to present it. It’s easy enough, however, to start with an idea and build upon it as a playlist grows.

The only real downside to MentorMob is that it’s still relatively new, so there isn’t a ton of content here that is particularly relevant to teachers. This is a problem that will diminish with time, as new users create more playlists. In the meantime, MentorMob is more of a vehicle for sharing your lessons than a way to get new ones.

Bottom Line: This site will get better with time, but for now, it offers a great way to share your lessons with other educators.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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